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Voila ce que les americains aprennent a leurs enfants sur l Algerie dans un jeu video
Channels // Divers
Ajoutee: 4540 days ago par Zen
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Algeria, a gateway between Africa and Europe, has been battered by violence over the past half-century. The Sahara desert covers more than four-fifths of the land. Oil and gas reserves were discovered here in the 1950s, but most Algerians live along the northern coast. The country supplies large amounts of natural gas to Europe and energy exports are the backbone of the economy. In the 1990s Algerian politics was dominated by the struggle involving the military and Islamist militants. In 1992 a general election won by an Islamist party was annulled, heralding a bloody civil war in which more than 150,000 people were slaughtered. An amnesty in 1999 led many rebels to lay down their arms. Violence has largely abated, although a state of emergency remains in place. In 2001 the government agreed to a series of demands by the minority Berbers in the kabylie, including official recognition of their language, after months of unrest involving Berber youths demanding greater cultural and political recognition. Algeria under President Bouteflika has won praise from the West for backing the US-led "war on terror". At home, many credit him with the return of security. But some campaigners say abuses by the security forces go on and rights group Amnesty International says allegations about the torture of detainees continue to be reported. Mr Bouteflika says he wants to tackle Algeria's economic ills, including high unemployment and a dependency on energy exports. A veteran of the war for independence from France, Mr Bouteflika was Algeria's foreign minister for 16 years until 1979. He went into self-imposed exile for several years in the 1980s to escape corruption charges that were later dropped. The real Power in Algeria is concentrated in the hands of the algerian's army with presidency and parliament considered as a rubber-stamping bodys.
Channels // News & Media Politique
Ajoutee: 3981 days ago par anonymous
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LANGUAGE: ENGLISH La toute nouvelle technique de captage et stockage du CO2 qui est utilisée depuis 2004 en Algérie a donné de bons résultats. Chaque année, un million de tonnes de dioxyde de Carbone sont enfouies dans le sol au Sahara en Algérie, soit l'équivalent de ce que rejettent, en moyenne, 200.000 voitures roulant 30.000 km par an. C'est un projet conjoint entre BP la britannique , l'algérienne Sonatrach et la norvégienne Statoil.
Ajoutee: 4184 days ago par anonymous
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L'armée place de Gaulle au pouvoir. Merci a ceux qui m'ont demandé de continuer la série. Voila donc la suite..les autres suivront plus tard inshallah.
Channels // Histoire
Ajoutee: 4262 days ago par anonymous
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enregistrement video rare qui montre la kabylie et le village de beni yenni, le commentaire evidement c'est de la propagonde puisque il montre essai de montrer les colonnes comme porteurs de civilisation mais l'histoire nous apprend qu'ils n'etaient que des vempire spoileurs et voleurs de richesse.
Channels // Regions Histoire
Ajoutee: 4302 days ago par anonymous
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ce jour la j'avais une caméra au bon moment! un p'tit montage et voila!
Channels // Regions Divers Sport
Ajoutee: 4086 days ago par anonymous
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Etoile filante en live
Channels // Musique
Ajoutee: 4516 days ago par Walid
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Despite calls to pump more oil, OPEC is expected to decide to hold output levels as they are when it meets on Friday. OPEC's members account for some 40 per cent of the world's oil. The majority of them favour maintaining the status quo as prices are falling over fears of a recession in the United States. EuroNews' Business Editor Annibale Fracasso spoke exclusively to the new president of the cartel, Chakib Khelil, ahead of OPEC's crunch meeting in Vienna.
Channels // News & Media Politique
Ajoutee: 4163 days ago par anonymous
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voila c a dely ibrahim (5 juillet)
Channels // Divers Sport
Ajoutee: 4208 days ago par anonymous
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A Wonderful Nasheed (( Vocal Song )) By Ahmed Abu-Khater ,, It's Called Ummi (( My Mother )) ,, And It Is A MUST Watch .. The Translation : I Will Come Back Mother Kissing Your Luscious Head Divulging My Longing To You And Sipping Your Right Hand's Essence Nuzzling My Cheek In Your Feet's Soil Watering The Ground With My Joyful Tears How Many Nights You Were Sleepless Working To Get Me Sleeping Like A Kid And How Many Times You Were Thirsty But You Worked To Water Me With All Tenderness And I Will Never Forget Your Rainy Eyes When I Was Sick And Your Restless Eye Scared Of Any Danger May Happen To Me And What About Our Farewell In That Dawn ,, What A Hard Dawn It Was No Heart Can Ever Describe The Abandonment That You Faced By Me Then You Said Something I Couldn't Forget Up Until Now : It's Impossible That You Will Find Warmer Arms Than Mine Oh My (( Life's Joy )) The Creator Of The Universe Commanded Me To Be Loyal To You Your Content Is The Secret Of My Good Fortune And Your Love Is My Faith's Sparkle Don't Be Sad Mother ,, Here Am I ,, I Came To You With Teary Eyes Don't Be Sad Mother ,, There Will Be No Separation From Now On mm Until The Separation Of Death Sorry For The Bad English :) ..
Channels // Divers
Ajoutee: 4330 days ago par anonymous
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Promotion immobiliere, like a dream, beaucoup de rich promoteurs immobiliers comptent investir beaucoup d argents dans des projets de construcion; appartements hauts standing studio, cartiers residentiele villas avec piscine marinas , nouvelles villes, nvestissement projets developpement economie arnt petrol reserves changes devise
Ajoutee: 4093 days ago par anonymous
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Zidane au fifa 2006 avec ISSAM ACHOILI
Tags // Zidane fifa 2006
Channels // Musique Sport
Ajoutee: 4299 days ago par bechiai
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