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Autres Tags: palestine iraq irak gaza islam algerie tunisie maroc sionistes nazies england uk britain londre alger algiers arabic police army armé algerie algeria kabylie usa canada australia france محمد رسول الله بوش الكلب عراق محتل جهاد طالبان أحباش شيعة قراءة قرآن تلاوة مزامير داود متعة دعوه صوفية Gaza rocket attacks missile Ashkelon israel military army new york air strike aggression obama us germany war Breaking News room america england london IDF Palestine al jazeera usa CNN Hamas Maroc year 2009 islam jews jewish news muslims iraq algerie australia algeria tv France arabs paris allah egypt الجزائر فلسطين العرب إسرائيل حماس غزة إسلام الحرب العراق مصر حرب الجزيرة السعودية صاروخ القسام المغرب Gaza Strip civilians military massacres maroc invasion israel army jihad CNN AFP BBC FOX New York Times air strike missile obama us germany america bush terrorism england IDF iran al jazeera sky news usa Hamas islam jews muslims iraq algerie canada australia jesus mohamed algeria tv France christian arabs china russia god alla فلسطين غزةإسرائيل حماس algerie algeria france colonial coloniale FLN independance independence war guerilla iraq irak abu+ghraib torture USA Gaza Dead oslo norway hosiptal sweden denmark finland scandinavia israel army jihad CNN AFP BBC childrens war FOX CBS ITN New York Clash air strike missile obama us ali germany america f-16 bush terrorism israeli england IDF Palestine iran al jazeera sky news usa Hamas islam jews muslims iraq algerie australia algeria tv France arabs sarkozy china russia allah egypt الجزائر فلسطين غزة إسرائيل حماس إسلام جهاد العراق مصر حرب clever greyhound dog dogs animal pets race funny algerie egypt libya kuwait bahrain ksa uae yemen qatar oman iraq jordan syria lebanon morocco Somalia Sudan Tunisia emirates تونس الجزائر ليبيا الكويت كويت كويتي البحرين السعودية السعوديه الامارات اليمن قطر عمان العراق الاردن سوريا لبنان المغرب الصومال السودان غش نصاب حرامي كلب حيوانات كوميدي طرائف sheryfa luna cherifa alhane wa chabab zaho nadiya camera noujoum comedie marocaine algerienne algerie amal bent al hadj bush algerie humour parodie chaussures jijel obama journaliste irakien irak arabe guerre en Iraqi throws shoes at Bush algerien gag camera cacher gad al malah fellag scketch بوش يرمى بالحداء منتظر زيدي العراق العراقي warda tarab algerie egypt arabe baghdad iraq
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01/03/2008 GAZA (AFP) - Trente-deux Palestiniens, dont des femmes et des enfants, ont été tués samedi dans des frappes de l'armée israélienne dans la bande de Gaza, l'une des journées les plus meurtrières de ces derniers mois dans le territoire palestinien, selon un nouveau bilan de sources médicales. Au moins 75 Palestiniens, dont 15 dans un état grave, ont été blessés lors de raids aériens et une opération terrestre de l'armée israélienne lancée dans la localité de Jabaliya (nord) et ses environs, a-t-on ajouté.
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HUNDREDS of police swooped on a busy street to shut down a notorious "one-stop shop" for crime. They sealed off a stretch of the road in an unprecedented blanket raid. They believe at least 19 cafés and other businesses owned by algerians mafia in Blackstock Road the one they call "little algiers" at Fansbury park on the borders of the London boroughs of Islington, Haringey and Hackney, are being used by criminals. Months of surveillance revealed evidence of drug dealing, money laundering, the sale of stolen goods and a thriving trade in fake documents. One national telephone company said 40 per cent of all stolen handsets go on to be used in the area. The move, involving some 600 officers, was the second phase in a day of raids targeting loosely-connected criminal networks. A further 500 officers led co-ordinated dawn raids at 37 addresses across London earlier yesterday. They made 35 arrests, including 21 individuals who had been identified as key players in the illegal industry. Police said many of those held were of Algerian origin. rai khaled guerre war crime gun mafia drug scandal scondal la honte terrorisme terroriste arabe maroc morocco tunisia tunisie liban egypte lebanon italy spain canada montreal oran annaba londre marsielle beur music musique army armée gang gangster rap khaled mami cheb chab zahouania crime gun terroriste gia fis ali benhaj gspc al qaeda bin laden ben scotland yard morroco maroc tunisie arabe arabic rock money constantine tunisie tunisia egypte liban lebanon italia israel war guerre el harrach belfort city les dunes real madrid ac milan jsk berber amazigh imazighen chleuh rif camora godfather news sky cnn italy espagne allemagne israel iraq haifa wehby nancy ajram khaled rai belal babes babe nana nanas pegale danger army armée algerien armée oran power japan china australia مصر الجزائر سورية المغرب تونس ليبيا العراق لبنان العربية السعودية الكويت اليمن الإمرات العربية
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في سابقة هي الأولى من نوعها منذ بداية الحرب أول شريط فيديو لصاروخ من صواريخ كتائب الشهيد عز الدين القسام الذراع العسكري لحركة المقاومة الإسلامية (حماس) التى إلتقطتها إحدى كامرات المراقابة مدينة عسقلان الساحلية داخل الأراضي الفلسطينية المحتلة عام 48. و كذلك الأول من نوعه على اليوتوب. لم ينجم عن سقوط الصاروخ أي إصابات تذكر. A hamas missile Caught on camera surveillance landed in the city of Ashkelon this evening it's not known yet if it's a Katyusha rocket or a kassam's rocket. The Grad-type Katyusha missile slammed into an area in the city of Ashkelon, one of Israels largest cities, no injuries were reported. Katyusha rockets were widely used by Hizbullah to bombard northern Israel during the Second Lebanon War. They have already in the past been fired toward Ashkelon and Eilat, but have not yet come into wide use. The longer-range rockets place hundreds of thousands of Israelis under fire, in addition to those already living around Gaza The Izz-al-Din al-Qassam Brigades said that it would step up rocket attacks against Israel if the bombardment was not ended. "We tell the leaders of the enemy - if you continue with your assault, we will hit with our rockets further than the cities we have hit so far," a masked spokesman said in a televised statement. Hamas said on Wednesday that it would fight "until the last breath" if Israel sent ground forces into Gaza. "Israel will embark on a veritable adventure if it decides to invade Gaza. We have prepared surprises for them," Mushir al-Masri, a senior Hamas official, said. Ayman Mohyeldin, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Gaza, said that in the event of a ground incursion, Palestinian factions felt that they had the advantage, due to the preparations they have made over the past six months of the truce. "They say they have acquired new weapons, new munitions, new explosive devices and this is where they feel they enjoy more of an advantage in terms of the ability to face an Israeli incursion," he said. "They certainly know they can't compete with Israel's air superiority and that is why Israel has been warned against launching a [ground] operation here in Gaza."
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It was the end for hundreds of unarmed civilians, including children. The Israeli military, one of the most powerful military forces on earth, has held the 1.5 million civilians captive within Gaza for years. Like the "dog in the manger," Israel has also deprived these civilians of the simple necessities of life, such as food and water. Still not satisfied with their under-reported atrocities against Palestinian civilians, not satisfied with the hunger, fear, malnutrition, misery, and slow death Israel has delivered to the Palestinians, not satisfied with the Palestinian homes, lands, and orchards Israel has already stolen from the rightful Palestinian owners, the Israeli interlopers have now ordered their massive military to bomb Gaza neighborhoods in a fierce attack that has today reportedly killed hundreds of civilians. Israel justifies their latest brutality by claiming that they cannot "tolerate" the homemade, sugar-propelled Qassam projectiles fired out of Gaza toward Israeli "settlements" such as Sderot. The fact, however, is that the Qassam projectiles rarely hit anything other than desert sand as was noted by Israeli Defense Minister Yaakov Toran. He stated, "We need to remember that Qassams are more a psychological than physical threat." Sderot is located upon the ashes of the former Palestinian village of Nadj. According to a book by Dr. Walid Khalidi, (All That Remains: The Palestinian Villages Occupied and Depopulated by Israel in 1948), the Palestinian inhabitants of Nadj were driven out of their village when this village was ethnically cleansed by Israeli settlers in 1948. Nadj is but one of at least 418 Palestinian villages that were ethnically cleansed by Israeli "settlers" who invaded Palestine from other countries and claimed ownership of Palestine. It is in sifting through these ashes of Nadj that we can begin to see a hint of the true reason behind the Israeli overkill, the Israeli frantic and brutal rage, and the Israeli racial violence against the Palestinians. Many are surprised to learn that the Palestinians are people who are without an organized military, without aircraft, without tanks, and without sophisticated weapons with which to protect themselves and their loved ones from the brutal Israeli military forces. Many are surprised to learn that, the Palestinians are refugees in their own country. The reason for the brutal rage against the Palestinians is rooted in international laws regarding the Right of Return of refugees to their homes. According to these laws, the Palestinian refugees must be permitted to return to their own ancestral lands or be compensated justly for what has been taken from them by Israeli force. The simple truth is that Israel, with its ever-mutating, Swiss-cheese borders, cannot remain in existence if this international law is enforced. Today, the scene in Gaza can only be described as horrifying as Israeli air strikes on the unprotected Gaza civilians have resulted in decapitations and amputations, hospitals overflowing with wounded, black smoke, screams and wailing from those who have seen too much and lost too much, and limbs, flesh, and blood scattered throughout bombed-out neighborhoods. This is "home" if one lives in Gaza and is forced to exist under the jackboots and gloved fists of the Israeli military. In the meantime, Israel's Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, who is perhaps the Israeli equivalent of a "hard-hearted Barbara Allen," has defended her "country" (which is still spreading like buckshot wounds throughout stolen Palestinian lands). She is the current mouthpiece asking, as Israel has always asked for the past 60 years, for international sympathy and support of its barbarian brutality. Israel is pretending to be the "victim" yet again while orchestrating another bloodbath. Perhaps it is time for the international community to finally show some sympathy and support for the limbless corpses and ashes Israel has again left lying throughout the civilian neighborhoods in Palestine that it continues to ethnically cleanse
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L'armée américaine s'est-elle inspirée des méthodes françaises de l'Algérie ? Les actes de tortures pratiquées en Irak par les américains à la prison d'Abou Ghraïb présentent des similtudes troublantes avec ce qui s'est passé pendant la guerre d'Algérie mais la simple comparaison de photos tend à prouver qu'il ne s'agit pas d'une simple coïncidence. Claire Mauss-Copeaux publie un livre de photos inédites à partir de 5.000 clichés pris par les appélés français pendant la Guerre d'Algérie. Ces photos préfigurent étrangement les tortures mises en scène par les américains en Irak: 1. La torture à l'électricité 2. Les techniques d'humiliation des musulmans qui ont une répugnance pour les chiens 3. L'humiliation sexuelle - un éditeur algérien en a rassemblé dans un livre. - Jacques Duquesne, journaliste à l'Express, a recueilli ces types de photos pendant la guerre d'Algérie. 4. L'humiliation à la corde au cou. Commentaires sur images factuelles, extraits de films et photographies aves les explications de spécialistes.
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Dr. Eric Fosse, Norwegian Aid Committee, interviewed by Al Jazeera in front of Shifa Hospital, Gaza. Doctor in Gaza: Patients 'lying everywhere' * Story Highlights * Doctor: 30 percent of casualties at main hospital on Sunday were children * Doctor: Due to overflow of patients, "people were dying before they got treatment" * At least 485 Palestinians have reportedly been killed in the military operation GAZA CITY (CNN) -- Gaza's main hospital, already full of Palestinians wounded in the week-long Israeli air assault, reached critical mass on Sunday, according to a Norwegian doctor volunteering at Shifa Hospital "We've had a steady stream [of patients] every day, but the last 24 hours has [brought] about triple the number of cases," Dr. Erik Fosse told CNN. "So this day has been extremely busy." Fosse said he estimated that about 30 percent of the casualties at Shifa Hospital on Sunday were children, both among the dead and the wounded The increase in casualties at Shifa followed Israel's's ground incursion into Gaza, which it launched on Saturday night. Fosse said 50 patients were "severely wounded" when an Israeli airstrike hit a food market in Gaza City. VideoWatch Palestinians describe fearful life in Gaza » "We were operating in the corridors, patients were lying everywhere, and people were dying before they got treatment," he said Palestinian medical officials said Israeli forces have killed 37 Palestinians -- both civilians and militants -- since moving into the territory Saturday night. With those deaths, at least 485 Palestinians, including about 100 women and children, have been killed since the military operation began more than a week ago, officials said In addition, 2,600 Palestinians have been injured, most of them civilians, officials said Most of the casualties are a result of the airstrikes that preceded Saturday night's ground incursion. Shifa is the main hospital in Gaza City. Other hospitals were unable to treat the wounded because of a shortage of supplies and staff Israel has said the military operation is a necessary self-defense measure after repeated rocket attacks from Gaza into southern Israel by Hamas militants. Israeli leaders say they are trying to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza Last week, Dr. Eyad El-Sarraj, a psychiatrist who runs Gaza's mental health program, said Gaza is headed for "a major humanitarian disaster" unless the fighting ends soon Meanwhile, at the Gaza-Egypt border, nearly 25 trucks carrying relief and medical supplies were unable to get into Gaza because they could not get through the Rafa border gate, CNN's Karl Penhaul reported Egyptian authorities said the guards who were manning the Palestinian side of the border had abandoned their posts. Aid workers and drivers banged on the gate to protest the closure, but the gate remained shut. VideoWatch "absurd" situation at border crossing » On Saturday -- before Israel launched its ground incursion -- old Palestinian ambulances carried some of the wounded across the border, where patients were loaded onto modern ambulances. Most of those taken into Egypt were civilians, including a teenage boy with his arm blown off, as well as a 4-day-old baby, who was not injured but needed to be kept on a ventilator and in an incubator. Share reactions to the crisis in the Middle East About 10 truckloads of donations from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Greece also crossed into Gaza on Saturday.
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sherifa luna en algerie___________________ sheryfa cherifa luna il avait les mots _ quelque part Adrar Chlef Laghouat Oum-El-Bouaghi Batna Bejaia Biskra Bechar Blida Bouira Tamanrasset Tebessa Tlemcen Tiaret said saadi Djelfa Jijel Setif Saida Skikda Sidi-Bel-Abbes Annaba Guelma Constantine Medea Mostaganem M'Sila Mascara Ouargla Oran El-Bayadh Illizi Bordj-Bou-Arreridj Boumerdes El-Taref Tindouf Tissemsilt El-Oued Khenchela Souk-Ahras Tipaza Mila Ain-Defla Naâma Ain-Temouchent Ghardaia Sahara Desert voyage mer plage bledard drague beauté algerien algerienne marocain marocaine tunisien tunisienne maghrebin maghrebine kabyle kabylie chaoui allaoui saharoui rai raï rap rnb staifi été zidane kenza farah harraga melissa karim benzema samir nasri sofia boutella rimk rim'k 113 andalouse kiffan kiffen club projet moderne pays capritour air algerie algerie islam bateau marseille depart L'Ariana Béja Ben Arous Bizerte Gabès Gafsa Jendouba Kairouan Kasserine Kébili Le Kef Mahdia La Manouba Médenine Monastir Nabeul Sfax Sidi Bouzid Siliana Sousse Tataouine Tozeur Tunis Zaghouan mezoued carthage monastir hammamet djerba Agadir Casablanca Tanger Essaouira Mohammedia Fedala Ouarzazate Taroudant Oujda Tetouan Rabat Marrakech Fes Meknes Fes musulman musulmane represente fierté football musique arabe cheb hasni bouteflika ben ali roi mohammed VI Reda Taliani Cheb Mami Cheb Khaled Cheikha Rimitti Cheb Bilal Cheb Abdou Houari Dauphin Cheb Nasro Idir Massa Bouchafa ali Lounès Rachid TAHA Takfarinas WARDA EL DJAZAIRIA chaabi reggada jallal el hamdaoui wahrane el bahia wharane oranais touristique touriste front de mer corniche ambiance supporter halla bouteflika dahka vacances puissance d'afrique mach'allah khalass mariage oriental humour fellag karim ziani tunisie jihad djihad irak iraq turk usa france salam indo music dance rock hakim debouz debbouz ronaldo new con busa music
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Parodie ; Des étudiants Algériens a font une mise en scène de ( tire à la chaussure sur Bush ) lol طلاب جزائريون يمثلون حادثة "بوش والحداء"ا
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warda : baghdad
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