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algerians in " the battle of london "
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HUNDREDS of police swooped on a busy street to shut down a notorious "one-stop shop" for crime. They sealed off a stretch of the road in an unprecedented blanket raid. They believe at least 19 cafés and other businesses owned by algerians mafia in Blackstock Road the one they call "little algiers" at Fansbury park on the borders of the London boroughs of Islington, Haringey and Hackney, are being used by criminals. Months of surveillance revealed evidence of drug dealing, money laundering, the sale of stolen goods and a thriving trade in fake documents. One national telephone company said 40 per cent of all stolen handsets go on to be used in the area. The move, involving some 600 officers, was the second phase in a day of raids targeting loosely-connected criminal networks. A further 500 officers led co-ordinated dawn raids at 37 addresses across London earlier yesterday. They made 35 arrests, including 21 individuals who had been identified as key players in the illegal industry. Police said many of those held were of Algerian origin. rai khaled guerre war crime gun mafia drug scandal scondal la honte terrorisme terroriste arabe maroc morocco tunisia tunisie liban egypte lebanon italy spain canada montreal oran annaba londre marsielle beur music musique army armée gang gangster rap khaled mami cheb chab zahouania crime gun terroriste gia fis ali benhaj gspc al qaeda bin laden ben scotland yard morroco maroc tunisie arabe arabic rock money constantine tunisie tunisia egypte liban lebanon italia israel war guerre el harrach belfort city les dunes real madrid ac milan jsk berber amazigh imazighen chleuh rif camora godfather news sky cnn italy espagne allemagne israel iraq haifa wehby nancy ajram khaled rai belal babes babe nana nanas pegale danger army armée algerien armée oran power japan china australia مصر الجزائر سورية المغرب تونس ليبيا العراق لبنان العربية السعودية الكويت اليمن الإمرات العربية
Rajouter le 25-04-2008 par anonymous
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